Up & Over Weekend FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where and when can I pick up my bib and tee shirt?

A: Runner bag pickups will be in the Taos Tent, which is next to the ice rink in the lower plaza. Runners can pick up their bags between the hours of 3:30pm – 6pm MT on Friday, August 2nd, or between 7am – 8:30am MT August 3rd on the lower plaza.

Q: What are the age groups for the Up & Over 10k Trail Run?

A: There are no age groupings for the VerticAl’s VertK. Age groups are as follows for the 10k trail run:

  • 19 & Under
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70 & Over

Q: Will the courses be marked?

A: Yes, the Up&Over 10k Trail run will be well-marked with directional signage, yellow caution tape and yellow pin flags. The Vertic-Al’s VertK will NOT be marked, as it is an obvious course straight up the hill. Runners will not be permitted to run into the trees or banked trails on either side of the run, or risk disqualification.

Q: Can parents accompany their children in the Up&Dn Kid’s Race?

A: Yes, if parents would prefer to accompany their child during this fun run, that is fine. Parents don’t get a kids medal though!

Q: Is there a time limit for the 10k & VertK?

A: Yes there is for both races. The Up&Over 10k Trail run will have a time limit of 3-hrs to complete for men & women. The Vertic-Al’s VertK will have a time limit of 1 hr & 15 minutes. If you do not finish within the alloted time window, there is a possibility you will not post an official result.

Q: Can I use trekking poles for the Up & Over or the VertK?

A: YES, runners can use trekking poles for the Up & Over 10k Trail Run. Poles are optional and recommended for novice runners for the VertK.

Q: Are there awards for the 10k, VerticAL’s VertK and Double-Trouble?

A: Yes – 1st Place in age groups for Men & Women will receive awards for the 10k Trail Run. We hope to award prizes to 2nd & 3rd place in each age group, contingent on availability. First place overall for men & women in the Double Trouble combo and VerticAL’s VertK will be also be awarded for men & women.


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