Simple. Seamless. Smart. Experience a more joyful way to fly.

  • Fly from Taos (TSM) to Burbank (BUR), Carlsbad (CLD), Austin (EDC), Dallas (DAL)
  • Travel without lines or crowds
  • Roomy 30-seat jets
  • Two free checked bags
  • Book on JSX app
  • Group reservations available
  • Dogs & cats allowed

Contact or visit us at:

7201 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas TX 75209

No crowds. Private terminals. 30-seat jets with business class legroom. Free snacks and drinks. Two free checked bags. Contact-less check-in.

JSX airline is a hop-on public charter jet service that’s faster on the ground and more comfortable in the air. Flying JSX airline allows you to travel between private terminals on roomy 30-seat jets. No lines, no crowds, no hassles. This is flying redesigned.

Booking is as simple as choosing your destinations and your dates. A few clicks gets you confirmed on one of our convenient flights so you can relax and look forward to the journey. Simply book a ticket at www.jsx.com or on the mobile app and start planning your next hop.

Stroll through our check-in process in minutes, not hours. With JSX, 20 minutes is all you need to get from the curb to your seat. No crowded terminals, and high-tech, noninvasive security screening means you get to reclaim your time and fly with peace of mind. And our private lounges are comfortable, quiet, and crowd-free with free WiFi.

Once your flight touches down you are off the plane with bag in hand in under five minutes. Hop into your car or rental or ride-share and you’re off! JSX Air Service is flying redesigned.