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Our tours illuminate the incredible people, cultural sites and traditions, magnificent landscapes and natural wonders.

Heritage Inspirations provides year-round, all-inclusive, authentically-curated guided tours that dive deep into the vibrant heritage of Taos and New Mexico.

Heritage Inspriations’ diverse year-round Taos tours peel back the ancient layers of living heritage and explore the wild contrast of the mountains and high desert mesas. A cultural lens will take you to Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pueblo’s multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously occupied for over 1,000 years and is one of the oldest inhabited communities in the United States. Adventure and family tours invite you to hike, raft, picnic or even start your day with sunrise yoga throughout the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

For those who love the mountains, epic views and fresh air travel snowshoeing in Carson National Forest or alpine hiking among the wildflowers of summertime. Dive deep into the rich artisan history that has inspired many to uncover the magic of Taos ethereal light on the Artisan Walking Tours. Whatever you decide, dive into any one of the many Day Tours or reach out about custom trips tailored for you!

Heritage Inspirations believe deeply that travel is a tool for transformation, and there is no place like New Mexico to recalibrate, unplug, elevate and ground. They intimately know the culture, adventure, and wild places of New Mexico, and how important it is to go beyond the beaten tourist path to connect you with something “real,” something that makes you feel alive.

With more than twenty plus itineraries across Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque regions and beyond, you can choose from an active outdoor expedition, an e-bike tour, an insider’s walking tour, a hands-on culinary experience, or a roving glamping adventure; either way you’re guaranteed to find a travel program that thoughtfully anticipates your needs and feeds your soul.

Illuminate your world and book your Heritage Inspirations travel experience today! Visit heritageinspirations.com or call 1-888-344-TOUR (8687)