The Edelweiss Spa

Recuperate, Relax & Restore

  • Integrative Holistic Massage
  • High Desert Facial
  • Lavender & Cornmeal Body Scrub & Massage
  • Rio Hondo Hot Rocks
  • Hands and Feet Reflexology
  • Prenatal Massage

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106 Sutton Place Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525

The Edelweiss Spa uses all natural products and offers a menu of treatments tailored to suit every need.

Looking to unwind from life’s stresses, recover from skiing or snowboarding, or enhance your vacation? The Edelweiss Spa’s knowledgeable massage therapists provide an exceptional therapeutic experience to help you recuperate, relax, and restore. We offer a range of massages and treatments. Our day spa in Taos Ski Valley is open to the public as well as Edelweiss guests with advance reservations required.

Winter 2023/24 Spa Menu:

Integrative Holistic Technique Massage
Whether you’re looking to sooth your mind or tune up your body, our therapists will employ a variety of techniques, from Swedish to deep tissue and beyond. This custom massage is tailored to your individual needs.

Enhance your massage with Lost Range Citrus CBD Massage Oil and CBD Muscle & Joint Rub. CBD helps relieve inflammation, pain, and soreness from activities; brings relaxation and reduces stress; and promotes a good night’s rest. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for sports and deep tissue massages.

High Desert Facial
Counter the effects of altitude, sun, and wind with all-natural skin care products gentle enough for all skin types. Organic and biodynamic – enhanced with essential oils, flower, and herbal extracts – this luxurious treatment hydrates, repairs, and soothes your skin.

Rio Hondo Hot Rocks Massage
Heated basalt river rocks melt tension and promote circulation and the healthy flow of energy throughout the whole body. Warm your body and relax after a cold day on the mountain with this unique massage treatment.

Hands and Feet Reflexology
This treatment uses heat, moisture, and reflexology on the hands and feet. Pressure on specific areas that are connected to organs, chakras, and structural systems dissolve blocked energy and restores balance.

Prenatal Massage
Designed to nurture the mother-to-be, this massage is a light to medium pressure massage with an emphasis on back strain relief.

Lavender & Cornmeal Body Scrub & Massage
Warm aromatic oil and an exfoliating scrub improve your skin’s health while leaving it energized, smooth, and moisturized. The treatment is completed with a full body massage, making for a celebration for the senses. A facial for the whole body!

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