Arroyo Seco Live

Building Community Through Creativity

  • Live Music Events
  • Educational Programs
  • Yoga
  • Art Installations
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  • Always Free

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480 Hwy 150, Arroyo Seco, New Mexico 87514

Supporting and Celebrating Working Artists

Arroyo Seco Live, affectionately known as Seco Live within the community, showcases innovative cultural preservation and celebration in northern New Mexico. Established in 2014 as a non-profit organization, its primary mission is to cultivate an appreciation for both local and global music while safeguarding the rich tapestry of cultures that grace the region. The heart of Seco Live beats within the shaded confines of SecoSpace ramada, a welcoming haven nestled just opposite the renowned SnowMansion, an iconic landmark in the area. Visit the Seco Live webcam for a live look!

Seco Live’s calendar is adorned with a diverse array of events, each meticulously curated to resonate with the spirit of inclusivity and community. Live musical performances, showcasing a spectrum of genres from traditional folk melodies to contemporary rhythms, serve as the centerpiece of these gatherings. Dance performances, infused with the vibrant energy of various traditions, grace the stage alongside captivating art installations that stimulate the senses and provoke contemplation.

However, Seco Live’s vision extends beyond mere entertainment; it aims to foster meaningful connections and engagement within the community. Hands-on activities, ranging from collaborative art projects to interactive workshops, invite individuals of all ages and backgrounds to participate actively and forge bonds that transcend societal divides.

Central to Seco Live’s ethos is accessibility. Thanks to the generous support of patrons via platforms like Patreon, all events hosted by Seco Live are free of charge, ensuring that cultural enrichment remains accessible to all. This commitment to inclusivity underscores the organization’s dedication to democratizing the arts and fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

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